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I want to introduce myself. My name is Kirby and  I’m passionate about helping others. I love making a difference in people’s lives and finding opportunities to bless and benefit them.

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Our Team

Our Network on TSU & still growing.
After a few days already
10 members in our family.

Support one another

please like, share,

and follow our team.
Our TSU Team Members
Link to Griz Adams

Link to Rhonda Karcher

Link to Diana Bennett

Link to Karina Pettinger

Link to Linda Searcy

Link to Rachel Hasbrouck

Link to Darrell Kobaso

Link to ONeal Polar

Link to Shannon Haller

Link to Felipe Freitas

Link to Kirby (me)


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How to tsu

Publish your content (photos, text,

links, etc.).  Hashtags are commonly

used to indicate key categories related

to a post and visibility

(e.g. #tsu #NewYorkCity)

1 follow & friend everyone in our

family and network

2 take an interest in the content

posted by our network.

3. liking and sharing content

never hurts and helps others

and in the end helps you earn.

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